WordPress- Behind its Popularity

WordPress became the most popular self-hosted blogging platform with 72,285 of the top million sites on the Internet using it. At the moment there is no other CMS system, which could threaten its existence. So how and why has it become so successful?

WordPress was launched in 2003 and almost immediately became a phenomenon. Since its premiere, its popularity was growing from month to month due to its simplicity and flexibility. Thanks to more than 12k + plugins and 1.5k themes, from forums, through shopping sites you can build almost everything on your site. Also, wordpress seo is amazingly easy, so you can promote your site on Google well. However, it is important to point out the difference between Worpdress.com and WordPress itself. WordPress is open source content management software that is free to download from WordPress.org. WordPress.com, however, is a free blogging services that uses the software named WordPress. Because of that, those people who have no solid online knowledge can still create a successful blog easily. For more demanding users, who want self-hosted blogs, a more advanced CMS system is more desirable, free to download WordPress is an ideal choice.

In 2009 Pingdom analysed 100 top most popular blogs. They found out that, although WordPress is the most popular among the self-hosted blogs (an image below), the situation is completely different when it comes to the blogging services based on these blog platforms. Typepad is a certain winner.

Wordpress and Other Blog Platform usage among the top 100 blogs

Picture from pingdom.com

The 2011 will definitely be a year of social and blogging. Having experience in creating blogs for commercial organisations, I can say that WordPress is the most popular choice across companies. There are more than 4 mln websites using WordPress and 72,285 websites within the top million most visited sites on the Internet are based on this software. So WordPress should stay a leader on the market for now as it doesn’t look like this trend will change any soon.

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