5 Books that Helped Me Quit my Corporate Job!

I left my full-time job about a year and a half ago, but a thought of leaving the full-time employment has been with me for much longer than that! I didn’t have many friends who were working on their own businesses and didn’t know many people around me I could talk to about living on the “other side”:) To fill the gap I reached to books.

There are 5 particular books that I found extremely helpful during the time of deciding if I should leave my job. I knew if I ever decide to go on my own, there is no way anything forces me to go back to work permanently from 9 to 6 p.m. Instead, now I am at my desk for more than 50 hours per week:) but somehow it feels completely different.

So here are the 5 books that helped me quit my job and helped survive the first year as an Entrepreneur:

1) Be a Free Range Human: Escape the 9-5, Create a Life You Love and Still Pay the Bills Paperback by Marianne Cantwell

Be a Free Range Human- Escape the 9-5 JobThere not so many books on the Amazon.co.uk with 100+ reviews and almost all of them being 5 star reviews! Well, Marianne’s book is one of them!

This book was a serious deal breaker for me. I bought the book in November and in December after years of not being able to make a decision, I resigned from my job! I didn’t have a solid plan, but I have my SEO knowledge and great digital marketing experience and I knew that I would survive (somehow).

This book is not about creating a business thought! It’s about showing you other ways of living! It’s about creating and living the life you really want and finding the ways to financially support that lifestyle.

Marianne points something very interesting out, though, you cannot succeed unless you have a passion for what you do! Passion is the fuel of commitment; it’s the only way you’re going to have the drive and energy to achieve the “expert status” you’ll really need to succeed.

I absolutely love this book for its simplicity! If something scares us, we often overcomplicate things and that unable us to make a breakthrough! This book was my break through to the new, more independent life!

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

The Lean Startup by Eric RiesI seriously regret that I haven’t read this book before I launched my first startup PeriodBox. It would help me to avoid so many bad decisions! Yes, I have learnt so much from them, but it just would so much easier (and cheaper!) to learn from other people’s mistakes:)

This book makes you really think and learn, whilst changing one’s own perceptions on innovation and entrepreneurship. Most of the startups fail, but many of those failures are preventable.

Be able to test your ideas, being ready to fail and learn from it and if you never stop seeking a better business model then soon enough one will eventually find something profitable and offerings.

The book is loaded with fascinating, interesting stories and practical principals. Some people say your first business model is the worst one and that gives me a lot of hopes!:)

Start it up. Why running your won business is easier than you think, by Luke Johnson.

Start it up- Why running your own business is easier than you think Luke JohnsonThat was one of the first books I read when started on my own. Luke Johnson is a successful entrepreneur and his writing is not only inspirational but packed with personal anecdotes and observations on the journey that made him a multi-millionaire.

Apart from the great quotes from people as diverse as Steve Jobs and Winston Churchill I was mainly impressed with what qualities I would need to run a successful business. This is a book to lift the spirits, make you punch the air and just ‘go for it.’





The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth, by Robert G. Allen

The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth Book by Robert G. AllenThis terrific book has been created in a very unusual style and is a piece of genius in recognising how different things inspire different people. It is part fiction and part training manual and the two blend beautifully.

The story is about somebody who has recently lost her husband and has to make a million dollars in just 90 days. Her belief in herself and the single-mindedness of her methodology is awe inspiring. The principles and skills that she learns the hard way on her journey to success are explained in the ‘textbook’ part of the book.

This is a read that gives a new twist to gaining financial success and is like a breath of fresh air. The book focuses on a lot of the usual stuff such as being committed, and the psychology of success. It also deals with the secrets of leverage and marketing. The story is entertaining, and the factual information is inspiring.

5. The Big Leap by Hendricks Gay

The Big Leap- Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay HendricksThis is a brilliant novel that examines the facts that create our inability to be a success in business, love and work. Hendricks is a psychologist, so is well qualified to discuss our individual areas of genius, excellence and confidence. He explains the strange reason we can live perfectly well within our range of excellence and competence but only a few people within their area of genius. Do we spend too much time waiting for something to go wrong? When we have a small success, do we waiting to get knocked back? Successful people stay in their genius zones and leave negatives for the rest of us to worry about.


Wrap up
It takes lots of courage, hard work and creativity to walk away from the corporate world. I did it and it’s been a roller-coaster of a ride! These five books inspired me on the quest for following my dreams. Five different styles but one explicit message; you can achieve success, but there are rules to follow.

Mags Sikora

I'm Mags, an SEO Consultant, London