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Today comScore shared latest results of social media research. There was no surprise for general, continued traffic growth for social media throughout 2009 and the beginning of 2010. The research shows that Facebook and YouTube become leader in the ranking and the gap between both of them and the rest of the social media platforms (including Twitter) is growing widely:

Social Media Graph

Taking a look at the unique visitors’ charts, it easy to notice MySpace’s lost of visitors to Facebook. As of March 2010, Facebook traffic made up 41% of all traffic on a list of popular social destinations. During the same period in 2009, MySpace was in the lead with 38% of site visits over Facebook’s 33%.

Social media Chart

Facebook is gaining on popularity not only in America, but especially in Eastern Europe and Asia. Only, during  the past week, we could observe 12.46 % Facebook’s grow in Poland and 10.96 % in Thailand. The situation in Polish social media market started changing rapidly. After selling, social network leader for the last 3 years, to German investor,  the social media site started losing their members to Facebook. Poles accuse for being too commercial.

It looks like Facebook with its 400 milion users becomes more and more powerful. The numbers say it all: Facebook adds 0.5 million users every day and the last 200 million users has been added in less than a year!  The question is, can a team of strong employees in a privately owned company really cope with the amount of users which rely on the site for so many aspects of their lives?

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    Man. Myspace really blew it. They had the world at their fingertips, but they just refused to step up and make a better user interface.

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