Cute Kittens on YouTube Video- 1 mln views guaranteed?:)

I watched Funny People recently. The film is drawn out, its mixture of coarse comedy and deep seriousness about the theory and practice of comedy both embarrassing and self-indulgent. But why am I writing about it here?

Cutte Kitten

So, there is a scene,  in which Johan Hill shows Seth Rogen his video that came a hit because of using “Cute Kittens” (the video below)…

Therefore, I am going to test those keywords popularity in a more funny way. Just today, I created Cute Kittens Posterous. Where I am going to put articles every second day with links to the cutest kitten photos. I will also Tweet about it:) In this way, I am going to test if the blog becomes more popular than others, which I have. If you know any cute kittens photos- let me know:) And do not laugh please, this is a very serious test.

Mags Sikora

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  • Mike Geary Truth About Abs

    I loved the cute kitten photo,has it been shaved:-)