Buzz This! Google Buzz Button WordPress Plugin

Digg it, Reddit, Shout it, Tweet it, Spurl It! Searchle, Mixx and now we Buzz This!!!!!!!

Google Buzz has been online for two days and we already have few Google Buzz Button Plugins available. So now we can collect Buzzes instead:)

TBuzz This Buttonhe good thing about this plugin is a settings panel, so we can easy change its location within the post. But honestly, I really hope that the Light Social plugin will be updated soon (I have already email them) and the Google Buzz button will be added as this huge, colourful icon under each post is a bit too much for me…

Anyway, I will let you know as soon as Light Social plugin will be”refreshed”, so its fan can update it.

Mags Sikora

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  • onlineprmarketing

    Ability to put it in the top right corner with my FB share and Tweetmeme button please?

  • MagsTags

    Hi Andrew, yes, you can easy moderate it.

    In order to do that, please select Manual Insertion’ from the Google Buzz Button settings page, then go to Theme editor and open the single.php file and insert the below code there, where you want the button to appear:

    href=”<?php the_permalink() ?>&title=<?php the_title(); ?>&srcURL=<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow external”><img
    src=”” width=”50″ height=”58″ alt=”” />

    Click on Update file button and that's it. Any questions, please let me know..

  • I>K>B

    i have written an article on how to add google buzz button on blogger in 4 different ways
    Hope you like that……………

  • topbloggerpost

    Great tips, I will try to put it on my blog. Thanks