Infographic design

Infographic allow you to present data in a visual and attractive way to create stronger engagement with your audience. Well designed, eye-catching graphics, charts and illustrations explain complex information in a manner that is both easily digestible and fun.

Added SEO benefit

On the SEO Services page, I explained:

The more bloggers and customers talk about your site, the more Google is assured that your site is relevant for the topic of those conversations and the higher your rankings can go up!

Good quality designed infographics are frequently shared online creating a lot of brand mentions and attracting links to your website.

I work with a great Infographic designer, who created infographics for international brands and works with many digital agencies in London on a freelance basis. One of his infographics was featured on Time Out London!

Together, we have the skill and expertise to make sure your data looks great, is easy to understand and most importantly, it gains the SEO benefit.

The Infographic design service include:

  • Helping you set your goals
  • Working with you to establish the informational needs of your target audience
  • Data research- we reach out to the open source resources!
  • Conceptualising the idea for the narrative or the argument from the collected data
  • Creating a draft of the structure of the infographic
  • Establishing visual style of the infographic
  • Modern infographic design itself
  • Publishing the infographic (your website, publisher sites, social media, etc.)


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