SEO Services

Are you looking for some help with SEO? Great news! You are in the right place!

I help my clients improve their visibility in Google results by providing actionable SEO recommendations and supporting their day-to-day activities to make their SEO efforts more effective!

Here you can find is a list of SEO services I currently provide to the clients. If you want to lean more about my expertise, please go to the SEO Consultant in London page.

You can also always contact me via email: mags.sikora[at]

Having 8 years of experience in the industry, I specialise in the following SEO services:

1. On-page SEO

This part includes all SEO actions performed on the website itself.

I am very often approached by companies who have problems with gaining SEO rankings in Google or have lost their previously high positions, asking:

Why are we not on the top of Google for the relevant terms if we offer the best product on the market?

The answer is: There are approx. 300 factors that effects your website rankings, and we need to find out which ones of them hurt your rankings.

As a first step, I go through the site and conduct a Website Audit. At the end all the findings are gathered in the final SEO Website Audit report. The goal of the report is to give actionable recommendations on website changes in order to improve site’s visibility in Google and other search engines.

After that, I consult the IT team on required changes and support their implementation. For smaller sites, I implement some of the changes myself and if more technical (coding) changes are required, I brief a developer that works on the site.

The Website Audit includes everything from analysing your website structure, use of meta tags through problems with Google crawl and indexation. I also check if any ‘spammy SEO’ tactics are not used on the site. That includes hidden links, cloaking or doorway pages. Since bounce rate is also one of the ranking factors, I also look at usability and accessibility of the site from a user perspective.

2. Off- page SEO

It is all about activities that happen outside of your website but influence your rankings in search engines.

Many call off-page SEO a link building, but it is not only that! It is all about making your website more popular and creating brand mentions and social buzz around it!

The more bloggers and customers talk about your site, the more Google is assured that your site is relevant for the topic of those conversations and the higher your rankings can go up!

That’s the most simplified explanation of off-page on the web:) In order to create this buzz, there are many methods out there- the best ones are those which have customer in the centre of attention, e.g. infographic design.

3. Other SEO services:

– Keyword research

Having experience in enterprise level SEO, I research all relevant industry terms that could bring you most qualified traffic (traffic that converts)  to your site and provide information on terms seasonality to introduce the most efficient approach to search.

– SEO Site migration

Planning to move to another platform or maybe upgrading to its latest version? Redesigning and/or changing the structure of the current site? Whatever changes you plan on the site, it its crucial to protect current ranking URLs! I worked with variety of platforms from WordPress, Drupal, Magento or ATG and Endeca- the platform doesn’t matter, SEO rules that need to me implemented are the same across all of them!

– SEO risk assessment

Are you considering buying a new site? Or maybe you are just worried about loosing your current rankings the next time Google update its algorithm? Or maybe your site has been penalised (I really hope it hasn’t)? If you need SEO support in those darker times, I would be here to help too. I will try to find the reasons behind the drops and advise how to recover from them, so you can get more traffic from search engines again!


I hope you found what you’ve been looking for! If you have any questions, just get in touch via email: mags.sikora[at]