Top 5 SEO conferences in 2014 you don’t want to miss (UK)

We all attend a large number of conferences each year. Unfortunately, sometimes we leave them feeling like we wasted our time (I once flew across the ocean to attend a well known conference a few years back only to realise that meeting new people at the hotels swimming pool and relaxing with my colleagues was the most valuable part of the entire exercise- that was a very expensive lesson!)

Here is a list of conferences that, in my opinion; you cannot afford to miss in 2014! (even if you call yourself a guru or evangelist:) (I don’t!)

SES London- 10-13 February 2014

SES London conference covers many aspects of digital marketing but SEO also stands high on its agenda.

A few years back after one SES London conference, I was a tiny bit disappointed. HOWEVER. Since then, every next event was better and better. Maybe I was unlucky that one time as I chosen just the wrong subjects? Really not sure…

This year event is divided into a few tracks, including Owned/ Earned, which will cover everything from blogging, video marketing, mobile, through social and usability, so definitely we might find some good bits to take out from it.

Brighton SEO x2-  April 2014 & October 2014

I’ve attended Brighton SEO a few times now and it remains my favourite conference so far. It takes place twice a year (I am counting it x2 on this list) at the most iconic place in Brighton- Brighton Dome. The conference itself gathers the cream of SEO crowd and you will no doubt bump into familiar faces from industry. I am always looking forward to this one. Each time I leave with a list of few new tools to test. Oh, and it’s FREE!

SMX London Conference- 13 & 14 May 2014

SMX London is for SEO industry like an Oscar gala for Hollywood (maybe a tiny exaggeration here).

The conference lasts two days. This year, both days are divided into two different tracks- On 13th you agendas are PPC and SEO paths, on 14th Search & Social and SMX Advance Track.(from SEO perspective, among many presentations the From Authorship To Authority: Why Claiming Your Identity Matters and the Power Tools subjects look quite interesting).

Also, if you follow Search Engine Land and Search Engine Marketing Land (and since your are SEO, I assume you do), it’s a great opportunity to meet Danny Sullivan, its Chef Editor. [btw, Mr Danny Sulivan, its time to update meta title on the page, it still shows 2013!]


Then the “sunny British summer” comes, when we chill out to recharge batteries for October to attend Brighton SEO (buy train tickets, you won’t be able to drive on the way back!:) and a few weeks later attend The Search London.


Search Love London- October 2014

The Search Love is my second favourite conference after Brighton SEO, in my 2014 calendar!

The last time I attended it was in 2012. It was a great event filled with speakers-practitioners. They don’t cover latest SEO news (about that we can learn online) but share some interesting results of many SEO tests and hacks. Again, it’s a great time to learn how other SEOs deal with problems we all come across. This event usually gives me the feeling of “I am not alone in this madness”!

The only problem is the price. Dear Distilled, is there a way to get a free ticket this time? (my employer won’t sponsor the ticket! #gutted)


That’s all – my complete list of top 5 SEO conferences you don’t want to miss in 2014 if you live and work in UK.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many other great events in UK and outside,  but I strongly believe that from SEO perspective, those are the ‘must-attends’ and the great thing is that travelling to those venues want cost you fortune! (unless you like to spend a few days chilling out next to the pool in Vegas!:)

Mags Sikora

I'm Mags, an SEO Consultant, London