Will SEO, the online black magic, die eventually?

There were always controversies and different opinions about Search Engine optimisation, mostly amongst people who had no idea about SEO itself. However, I was completely surprised (not to say shocked) with an article that appeared in Belfast Magazine, just a few months ago. The article, with its “sophisticated” title, “Angelina Jolie, Britney and Beyonce nude, dirty tricks and the changing face of SEO”, says in its first paragraph that the mentioned celebrities have been victims of unscrupulous practitioners of the dark art known as search engine optimisation (SEO). Wow!

Unfortunately, Google also doesn’t help with this spreading opinion. When typing “SEO is” in Google you receive the following:

SEO is.. Google Results

The question is, as there are so many people happy to see SEO as the “science of the past”, is SEO threatened?

After launching Google Instant on Friday which shows results for your search queries as soon as you begin typing them and even before you finish typing it, more speculations about the end of SEO appeared online. In the “previous” Google, we usually ran a search query then browsed through a page to find what we were looking for. With Google Instant, we are more likely to start tweaking our query on the fly, or to flip through the suggested results by simply hitting the arrow keys. This is a significant change as if your website ranks low in Google (let’s say at the bottom of the results page) your website more likely will not be visited by the searcher!!!

Steve Rubel, on his blog, said that this Google innovation will make SEO totally irrelevant! However, Matt Cutts says relax, the recent changes don’t mean SEO is dead as the best SEO practitioners recognize, and adapt when changes happen. So, maybe we are not all jobless yet, but Google Instant is definitely going to change the search engine optimisation landscape… and that only means more testing, information sharing, in other words – stuff we, SEO people, simply love;)

Mags Sikora

I'm Mags, an SEO Consultant, London

  • http://www.auto-insurance.octopis.com Thomas Doe

    Wow, i have never thought Google could give results like those….!

  • http://samsungmobilephones4u.blogspot.com/ vipin

    Well i also think that its a sign for death of SEO, Only experiences SEO who manage to get the tops spot will survive i think. And all the other who just got their feet into this and on the second day itself they call them SEO will be kicked off by Google instant i think.

  • Natewood

    Well, it’s going to change user behaviour, that’s for sure. The fact that Adwords now gets the lion’s share of real estate on the SERP makes it clear why Google has done this. I don’t think there’s a real user need behind this. It’s not like pressing return after entering your search query added a huge amount of time to your searching.nnIt’ll bring keyword research data into doubt though I think, which isn’t great for SEO or for PPC. the keyword data was already quite sketchy from Google, and I think Google Instant will add another level of uncertainty into it.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, it has definietly put a question mark over the credibility of PPC and SEO tools. nnI am really curious what kind of influence this change will have on SEO and the amount of visistors to my sites though. I started monitoring rankings in search engine and their traffic values (from GA). I will wait for some time (a couple of weeks) and then compare my traffic values with the previous rankings. If I see keywords that get more visits without an improvement in the average position, we might be experiencing the u201cGoogle Instant effectu201d on SEO.

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    Keep on blogging! its getting through the tough times that cause you stronger and then the good times will follow, keep working about your experiences and we should all pull together.n

  • Corporate Mentalist

    OMG, this is quite a horrifying post. Thanks for the share!

  • http://blog.pixelsanddots.com Eric SEO Blogger

    OMG that is crazy how Google displays those words for SEO is. I never realized that. nnI agree with Matt Cutts that Instant won’t make seo dead, but I think it may make it somewhat harder.nnI was just thinking the past few days about what SEO will be like in the future. I honestly think the ranking side of SEO will be alot different. Everything seems to be going social and I honestly think search engines will look at social media sharing as a ranking factor for a website. Have you looked at how Bing has a pop up on the right side of each listing? There are social media buttons that someone can click and be tracked. I honestly think social media will change seo. What do you think?n-Eric

  • http://1skyliner.com/ Ravi Chauhan

    I don’t think there’s a real user need behind this. It’s not like pressing return after entering your search query added a huge amount of time to your searching.

  • http://www.orangetiger.com/ Dan @ San Antonio AC Repair

    No matter what changes Google makes, SEO will stay viable if, at the end of the day, we are providing value to our potential customers. “White Hat” SEO is no more manipulative or shady than advertising.

  • http://www.searchtechword.com Kunal C

    I guessu00a0with new changes in google algorithm, it is definitely the end of black hat SEO… I believe SEO is more of an art than science.. u00a0