Remove ‘Category Base’ From Permalinks

It can be a very frustrating issue and I know that many bloggers have problem with it… I am talking about inability to remove the ‘Category Base’ from the url permalink structure. From my experience it is a quite serious problem when optimising WordPress. Worry not. Mags will show you how to fix it…;) (God bless you!!!-Filipe Fortes!!:)

Quick installation of Top Level Categories plug-in:
1. Log-in to your wordpress account
2. Go to Add new Plug-in
3. Click Top Level Categories and search for it
4. Install and activate it and that’s it!

It will automatically remove ‘category base’ from your URL, so Google can crawl deeper into your website…

By the way, I just checked- Matt Cutts, Google Guru;), didn’t delete categories from the URLs on his main blog (!) (he uses ‘type’ instead)

Hope it will help you. The problem is, every time when I create a new wordpress website, I don’t remember the name of the plug-in and have to search online again;)

Mags Sikora

I'm Mags, an SEO Consultant, London