Link Within Description in SERP, Google

Today I came across interesting results whilst checking rankings for one of clients. I typed “matrimonio roma” in and one of the listings had quite unusual description as it contained a link (not a breadcrumb nor sitelinks etc)…

Link Within Description in Google

When I inspected the element, the link looked like:

The question is, how this description has been generate/ created? I couldn’t find it when I read the source code. Also, this phrase has been used twice on the Wikipedia pages (it is also a title of a chapter there), so would it have any influence on the fact that it appeared in Google SERP? Would it mean some crucial changes in Google algorithm? What do you think?

Mags Sikora

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  • Chicago Bears Hats

    This is really interesting. I wonder if it is possible to enter the google markup in the site description thus causing Google to spit out the URL when parsing the meta data.

  • Web Design

    This is the first time I see this, have you seen it on other websites also or just this only one? Might be related to that Caffeine….

  • Michelle

    I never saw a links in the descriptions field…may be yes…some crucial changes might have took place in Google algorithm..who knows… 🙂

  • Laura

    It seem to be an old feature…
    Strande not having seen this before…I was thinking the same as you when first I saw it..

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Laura for this link!- Very useful!