Light Social WP Plug-in, Now With Buzz This! Button

Mags Sikora

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    hi, Here you have posted very nice information about the particular topic. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • applied cognitive psychology

    very very thank you for this information!
    tell me please is google buzz better then twitter.

  • jack

    I also like the wp – Buzz connection. didn't there was a button. I'll have to add it.

  • Amy

    I agree with you that Social WP Plug-in doesn’t slow page loads as it is implemented using the most simplistic html code to ensure fast load and minimal impact on your blog. Page load should be considered nowadays because it became one of the Google ranking factors.

  • Michelle

    I have installed this on my blog but I'm unable to pre-fill the buzz box with my post content and image. Also, when one is on my homepage, buzz'ing a specific post leads to buzzing the home page URL instead of the post url…Can someone please help me here?

  • Seo company India

    I m The regular User of Google Buzz……….
    Or its really helpful for me..