How to improve WordPress Page Load Speed? A 3-Step Solution.

Should the amount of time it takes for a page to load in a browser influence search engine rankings for pages? According to Google it should. Matt Cutts  announced last year (in November 2010) that the company had indicated that their search algorithms would be  changed again as the search engine will factor in how quickly a web page loads to how well a site ranks in Google.  Speed hasn’t played a role in rankings in the past, but now everything has changed…

What about WordPress SEO? Will this have an influence on bloggers as well? Unfortunately yes! Thankfully, there is a three-step solution!

To improve your WordPress Page Load Speed:

  1. Test your WordPress Page Load Speed with Firebug. Firebug is a Firefox extension, that helps  determine which files are taking the most time to load, but not only that! It will show you exactly what actions are needed ( i.e. optimizing caching and browser rendering and minimising round trip times, request overhead or payload size) to improve that. It is a very powerful tool so start from testing your site with this add-on.
    Move from shared hosting to dedicated or cloud hosting. There are many dedicated and cloud hosting services, however it is worth to do a good research before you decide to go for one. It is almost as serious decision as getting married, so choose carefully…;)
  2. Shared hosting is very cheap (usually costs up to £10/a month), however it contains several different websites on the same physical server, which are on the same IP address. All that means that we share disk space and bandwidth with other websites. Also, you are somewhat liable for the activities of the other websites on your server if someone is running an unscrupulous website and the government orders the server to be shut down, your site will also be affected. Whereas, dedicated servers are faster and more accommodating to sites that require more disk space. Also, you are given more freedom with regards to software that can be installed in a web folder, as the effect on other websites will not to be taken into consideration.
  3. Install Plug-ins which will also help you improve WordPress Page Load Speed. Recently a plugin called W3 Total Cache became very popular. It improves your server performance by caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network integration.

To sum up, improving your Worpdress Page Load Speed is a great thing to do in general. Visitors to your site will be happier – the conversion rate on your side might increase or they just might use your site more often, so just read the above steps and implement them as soon as you can. Also, if you have some other ideas, please feel free to leave the comment below, so we can learn from each other!

Mags Sikora

I'm Mags, an SEO Consultant, London

  • Zarko Zivkovic

    I love W3 Total Cache, it really does help your WP blog, and I recommend it to everyone.nnThe thing is, if a WP theme looks cool and flashy it will be slow, go for easy to read and fast Wp Themes, if you have quality content the looks of your site want matter much, as long as it still looks professional!

  • Anonymous

    is W3 Total Cache is better then wp super cache?

  • Bestarticleservice

    I use wp-super-cache. on my wordpress blogs and it works quite well.nI have to say, not always will you gain speed by getting a dedicated space, I was MADE to move up to a VPS with one of my article sites and it is now slower than it was before.. also having my own box means I should now sit down and learn how it all works which I won’t do so I opened another shared hosting for my other sites, which are the ones that bring me my main money anywoy so I can now carry on doing what I can do rather than learn how to oporate a VPS.

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  • Mags

    Hey I had problem with WP super cache. Not sure what exactly happen but it just didn’t work well with my blog. I will investigate;)