Virtual Christmas Dinner? Why not!

When I found out about Virtual Christmas Dinner idea, I thought that it is too crazy at first, although after reading more about it, I actually became a little fan of it.
The concept is pretty easy. Christmas is the most important family event for many of us. Unfortunately, very often not all family members are able to get together, especially these days when business trips during Christmas can actually really happen.

So even though you are currently in China and your partner spent Christmas in your New York apartment, you can actually have a Christmas dinner together, thanks to one small online media agency, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. The agency created a really clever application that allows Skype callers to control custom-built mechanical dolls with head movements. The dolls have been seated around a Christmas table and visitors can have a Virtual Christmas Dinner together for about 15 minutes (as this is the slot which you are allowed to book via their website).

Do you miss someone who spends this Christmas faraway? then book your slot:) and have a Merry Christmas!

Mags Sikora

I'm Mags, an SEO Consultant, London

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  • Arcadia

    It`s a new and very good idea. A lot of people can`t be home for Christmas with their family. So this make them easier holiday.