Primates at risk of extinction

Today a group of the world’s leading zoologists reveals the 25 most endangered members of the primates the biological order which contains monkeys, tarsiers, lemurs, gibbons and the great apes, including, of course, humans.  Destruction of tropical forests, the illegal wildlife trade and commercial bushmeat hunting are all threatening their existence, according to the report Primates In Peril: The World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates, 2008-2010. Monkey FaceThe report lists five primate species from Madagascar, six from continental Africa, 11 from Asia, and three from Central and South America, “all of which are the most in need of urgent conservation action.

Photo via Flickr: A portrait of a monkey by

However there is still a hope, conservation success in Brazil has meant the black lion tamarin and golden lion tamarin being removed from critically endangered lists…

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