Japanese- Time To Pay For a Fishy Business!Bluefin Tuna Ban

Last Wednesday, EU member states have finally agreed to support a trade ban in bluefin tuna from 2011, what is just in time for a meeting of the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species, where the question of a ban will be finally decided. They will be discussing new, 42 proposals to addressing a range of issues from combating elephant poaching for ivory in Africa to banning trade in polar bear skins. But those focusing on sharks and tuna are likely to be among the most contentious.

The WWF says stocks of bluefin tuna in the Atlantic have dropped by 80% since 1978 and is now at about 15% of the level it was in the era before industrial fishing began (first time I heard about it whilst watching The End Of The Line movie- I highly recommend to watch it!)

Bluefin Tuna Ban

Global stocks of bluefin are dwindling, especially in the Atlantic, and governments around the world are increasingly supporting a complete trade ban to let the fish recover. About 80 percent of the species ends up in Japan. There was no surprise that Japanese tuna brokers started protesting after the EU decided to support a worldwide trade ban on Atlantic bluefin tuna. Also, in recent weeks, Kevin Rudd, Australia’s prime minister, threatened to launch action against Japan before November at the International Court of Justice over its Antarctic whale hunt, which is conducted under an exception for scientific research within the international moratorium on commercial whaling.

Holly mackerel!! 😉 I am so happy with those actions; it looks like all worlds finally are getting together against cruelty of Japan. The award of an Oscar to “The Cove” (I also wrote about it) documentary against dolphin hunting has dealt Japan a public relations blow just as it faces growing pressure on other aspects of its exploitation of maritime resources. Now, all public eyes are focus on focus on CITES in Quatar, in Doha on Saturday (13-25 March).

I really don’t understand the Japanese- they are so modern and technologically advance but their morals and values are shameful…

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