Top 5 SEO conferences in 2014 you don’t want to miss (UK)

We all attend a large number of conferences each year. Unfortunately, sometimes we leave them feeling like we wasted our time (I once flew across the ocean to attend a well known conference a few years back only to realise that meeting new people at the hotels swimming pool and relaxing with my colleagues was the most valuable part of […]

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Building a Powerful Network of Influencers.


I have recently given presentations is Kiev, Ukraine at SEMCamp (it’s a yearly conference organized by Promodo). It was a great experience and I am very grateful to the company for inviting me! One of my presentations was about building a powerful network of influencers and how to keep those bloggers keen so they want to work with you as […]

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No Search Box in Chrome- Shift from ‘SEO’ to ‘direct’ traffic?

I have just read on Search Engine Roundtable  that Google is working on the new version of Chrome and that Google Search Box might be going away in that version, but what all of that actually mean for SEOs? Firstly, the article  ( reminds about the encrypted searches and that they are going to be launch as default in the next […]

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Come on, Google! Admit it… it is a bug!

Google made 39 updates to their algorithm in May. At the begining of June I noticed some significant drops in rankings for terms that one of the travel websites I follow quite closely used to rank very high. The site is only two years old with very high quality, sharable content so I started checking which websites gained on that […]

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Just a Link Builder- Let me tell you, Link Building is ART

I recently attended an SEO networking meeting in London, where one SEO said about another guy, promoted recently to Account Manager, “you know, he used to be just a link builder”. It had been a long time since I last got so furies as I did with this comment! So what does he mean by that? That link builder is […]

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Optimizing for Your Own Name in SERP- Ultimate Guide

Yay! I woke up this morning and addictively checked my rankings (and also all my client’s) [This is so wrong- it’s SATURDAY!]. Report brought me some great news! When typed “SEO Consultant London” I found my site jumped to 2nd position on both, and .com. What a joy!:) At the same time, I seriously promised myself I am NOT […]

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The Reasons Behind Social (and Google’s Path to Social Search)

For the last few years, we have heard from many sources around us that: social media is a feature; we want to provide the most enjoyable experience online; we want to make sharing experience easier and better…etc. What actually is behind all that talk (or PR talk)? What’s the real agenda? It’s obviously all about knowing what we do/ like/want […]

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PhpRemoteView hack: How to Remove it

A few days ago a new PhpRemoteView hack, a malicious JavaScript loading from, attacked many WordPress website, including some of mine. There are already a few discussions on this topic and it was a pretty difficult to find a reliable source how to get rid of this problem, but a few websites like and introduce interesting solutions, […]

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Update WP Plugins and Change WordPress Password ASAP

Those of you who installed the following plugins: AddThis, WPtouch, and W3 Total Cache on their self-hosted WordPress blogs, should change their WordPress passwords as soon as possible. Wordpress discovered that the mentioned plugins contains cleverly disguised backdoors. The backdoors might offer access to the dashoboard but using a different URL, and using a password known to the hacker (but […]

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How to Make a WordPress Sidebar Smashing

Custom Wordpress Sidebar

I recently was asked to create a WordPress website with many sophisticated features. One of the requirements was to have a flexible/ customize wordpress sidebar so different widgets can be used according to the owner preferences on different posts, pages as well as categories and tags. There are a few widgets and plugins that I used and would like to […]

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Google +1 Button- Sharing Recommendations in SERP. Will it work?

Google SERP

Tonight, Google introduced another update or should I say a huge change in organic and even bigger in paid results?. Very soon, those living in the US will be able to share recommendations with everyone right on Google’s search results page as Google adds a small button next to the websites in organic results page and PPC ads. In order […]

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International Women’s Day- Google Doodle

Internation Womens Day- Google Doodle in Poland

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March around the globe. The celebration is quite big in post-communist countries, including Poland. So there was no surprise that a relevant Google Doodle on appeared immediately after midnight, but what about women in England? There is no Google Doodle on and it looks like it is not going […]

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Creating A Search Engine Optimised WordPress Blog

Creating Search Engine Optimised Wordpress Blog

WordPress definitely became the most popular blogging platform not only thanks to its simplicity but also flexibility (incl. flexibility re SEO recommendations). According to WordPress statistics page, only on the (the free wordpress hosting platform), users produce about 500,000 new posts and 400,000 new comments every day! There are also 475 posts generated every single minute! Even Microsoft replaced Windows Live Space with […]

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WordPress- Behind its Popularity

Wordpress and Other Blog Platform usage among the top 100 blogs

WordPress became the most popular self-hosted blogging platform with 72,285 of the top million sites on the Internet using it. At the moment there is no other CMS system, which could threaten its existence. So how and why has it become so successful? WordPress was launched in 2003 and almost immediately became a phenomenon. Since its premiere, its popularity was […]

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Discovering New Products: Online Marketing Strategies To Change?

Just two years ago no-one could actually say which direction social marketing is heading to. Today, internet marketing is almost all about social media. In April last year, published the Social Media Marketing Industry Report which tested how marketers are using social media to grow their business. According to the report, 91% of marketed companies indicated they employ social […]

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Virtual Christmas Dinner? Why not!

When I found out about Virtual Christmas Dinner idea, I thought that it is too crazy at first, although after reading more about it, I actually became a little fan of it. The concept is pretty easy. Christmas is the most important family event for many of us. Unfortunately, very often not all family members are able to get together, […]

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How to Remove Date From Meta Descriptions in WordPress

How to Remove Date From Meta Descriptions in WordPress

Since I’ve changed my wordpress theme, I noticed that dates were being added in front of my meta descriptions in Google Search engine results page. Obviously, I first checked my source code as I thought it was my mistake, although all descriptions have been optimised correctly. I also thought that maybe those descriptions were too short/ long – that was […]

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